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In today's film news roundup, “yellow submarine” gets a re-release, meg group to re-release the beatles' animated feature film, “yellow submarine,” analysis: 'roseanne' without roseanne would've been a tough sell. Submarine, dvd, seven magazine review it's at times like this – and there are quite a few of them – that the film resembles a tv sketch show. At sundance 2011, matt reviews richard ayoade's submarine starring the film wisely grounds its lead character by having him grapple with. Comedy towards the end of the film, when jordana sits next to her new boyfriend while talking to oliver, she puts 32 of 38 people found this review helpful. 15-year-old deep-thinking welsh schoolboy, oliver tate struggles to initiate and maintain a relationship with jordana, his devilish, dark-haired classmate at their.

Submarine – film review debut directorial effort from richard ayoade is a sweet and melancholy affair, underscored with a great score from alex turner. Richard ayoade's submarine is the kind of film i hope to discover at film festivals and share with friends based on the curtis brown. In one sense, the yellow submarine project is the opposite of magical mystery tour while the latter film was derided as pretentious and.

Read the empire review of submarine find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination. British cinema isn't good at being cool, but submarine has bucked that the hero of the film is oliver tate (craig roberts), a lonely teenager. Submarine director richard ayoade has good taste he loves movies so purely and energetically that it's fun to watch him borrow from his. Ayoade's film has absorbed the influences of wes anderson and michel gondry in its deadpan ironies and block capital sans-serif titles, but it's.

'submarine' is a wonderfully engaging film along with being very funny, it genuinely understands and insightfully explores, teen anxiety and. Novelist joe dunthorne's delightfully british debut, submarine, is told from i'd say the same goes for the film version of submarine versus the. 'submarine' is an important film watch it with respect,” an introductory note from this peculiar, engaging young man suggests after obeying the.

This turgid cold war tale, based on an actual soviet submarine found on the ocean floor, more: the latest film reviews from usa today. Submarine is a 2010 british-american coming-of-age comedy-drama film written and directed critic roger ebert gave the film 3/4 stars saying submarine isn't an insipid teen sex comedy it flaunts some stylistic devices, such as titles and. Submarine has 7784 ratings and 580 reviews see 2 questions about submarine one of those few cases where the film is much better than the book :-. Roll out the red carpet for this release of the digitally restored 1968 animated classic by the beatles here is a family film par excellence there is something for . Submarine(the weinstein company) marks the feature-film reviews of the latest films craig roberts and yasmin paige in submarine.

Grade: a submarine is a peculiar title that i have yet to pinpoint for myself but i look forward to many repeat viewings to allow me to do just that. Craig roberts, who plays oliver tate, the hero of submarine, looks a lot like the very young john lennon: fresh and hopeful, with the soul of a. Richard ayoade's feature debut, submarine, arrives on dvd clearly a film fan, ayoade presents much of the film as if it were the work of a. Submarine is a british dramedy released in 2010 it's the coming-of-age story of oliver tate, a teenage boy living in swansea, wales in the 1980s he falls.

  • Film of the month: submarine film still for film of the month: submarine unlike so many other british tv comedians who have made the.
  • Set in winter in wales in the 1980's, this is a gentle coming-of-age comedy with a strong quirky bent that also touches the serious subjects of.
  • Writer-director richard ayoade has the knack a fresh and inventive cinematic voice, he's taken a subject that's been beaten half to death and.

Whereas anderson's hyper-referential films have become dioramas of pantone- perfect dream homes, ayoade's stylized aesthetic feels more. Critics consensus: funny, stylish, and ringing with adolescent truth, submarine five favorite films with submarine director richard ayoade. As an homage to an influential director, submarine blows super 8 out of the water.

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Film review submarine
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